Are you fond of writing? Anyone one can write a page on VIVO with their user name and password.

1. Write an article on various topics such as

  • New technology recently introduced or you have accomplished tough task on,
  • Recipe for various dishes, about nutritious foods,  restaurants you visited recently,
  • Current affairs and latest news on sports,
  • Article on books, magazine you like,
  • A tourist place you recently visited or like to visit in the future,
  • Events organized recently or to be organized in the city  and many more other topics.

2.It's very simple to read and contribute articles in VIVO. Follow this step to publish your article.

  • Just login at or vivo.vervesys.local
  • Click on Content and then article on top left corner
  • Write header of the article
  • Add relevant image/media to the article
  • Write article, select the category and location for the article
  • Click on “Save” button to submit an article

3. VIVO will publish an article with your profile details.


The best article on VIVO will be published in the upcoming employee corner of Verve Newsletter.